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Poll - Alliance Forgiveness

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Topic: Poll - Alliance Forgiveness
Posted By: Smudger
Subject: Poll - Alliance Forgiveness
Date Posted: April/23/18 at 9:52am
Assuming the frivolous lawsuit is either dropped or won, and assuming the demise of the Alliance, how should WSMRA proceed with unification?

Please - no politics, anger, trashing, etc. Act upon the square brothers and post respectively, as if in a lodge meeting. Let us begin the healing and go forward as the fraternal brothers we are.

Posted By: stonecutter
Date Posted: May/27/18 at 6:53pm
I'd just like to correct the record that the 'frivolous lawsuit' referenced is a lawsuit brought against Brother Davenport by Alliance leader Andy Reynolds who was expelled from Freemasonry. Win or lose, that suit is not relevant to  the continuation or survival of The Alliance.

What is relevant is my copyright infringement lawsuit against Andy Reynolds, the Kings Guard Grand Chapter of NY Inc., and The Alliance. Depending on how the lawsuit progresses against Carl, I am poised to enter his case with a countersuit or file my separate lawsuit immediately after his suit is dismissed or comes to its conclusion. So their suit against Carl has done nothing but offer me an additional method of filing my suit against them. Either by a countersuit attached to Carl's case, or by filing my own lawsuit separately. Regardless of which way it goes they are getting sued.

Assuming that my lawsuit results in a judgement against them, that is when I will proceed to enforce my copyright against those who have chosen to conspire with or affiliate with those who sought to steal my intellectual property and use their illicitly obtained trademark against our Masonic brethren.

Just so everyone understands the legalities.... I opposed Andy's trademark application but  my opposition was denied because the USPTO does not rule against trademarks based on a copyright dispute. The USPTO requires that copyright disputes be upheld in a civil suit before they rule to invalidate a trademark. So the USPTO rules have made it necessary for me to file a civil lawsuit against the trademark registrant. Once that case is decided in my favor the USPTO will invalidate the trademark as a matter of procedure. The case against Carl is creeping along but we expect a resolution of his case and mine before the end of the year.

"A lie can travel around the world before the truth gets its shoe laces tied". ~Brother Samuel Clemens~

Posted By: bigtwin
Date Posted: June/13/18 at 10:26pm
Mr Reynolds still thinks he’s a member by twisting his bylaws and is still allowed on tylered fb pages  there are a lot of members who had been deceived and cut out and a few standing y’all for his Cowan antics  we have to do due dilengence in each member that wants to be renstaited . I do have a forgiven heart but I and my chapter was hurt by the actions of mr Reynolds  supporters in ky  some won’t come back. Not matter what. If a members supports a clandestine member of a Masonic lodge my answer would be no 

Richard Lee Curtis. D.D.G.M District 6 2010-2011,and Papaw

Date Posted: June/19/18 at 1:31am
I say do nothing. If the Alliance fails, and my opinion is that Andy's lawsuit was a financial death nail for his Alliance. and it will fail. These Alliance members are going to be out thousands of dollars in legals fees and then they face a counter suit. Do we really think these chapters are still going to exist, Yet alone want to go back to the Group that just sued them. I don't think I would but that's just me. I say if Bro Carl and Fred have any interest in recouping these members, they should consider adjusting there strategy to going after the trouble makers and not the group as a whole. I say let them be. 

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